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If you have had any type of body damage from a small scratch requiring a spot repair to a large accident damaged vehicle we can repair it to a high standard that would be insurance approved. All bodywork is done by fully trained and skilled staff who have years of expertise in the field. We will discuss any job with you beforehand and outline what you can expect in terms of time and parts and quote for the job completed before we start. We have had fantastic comments on our bodywork and you can see some of our jobs in the gallery section of the web page.
We have a fully trained welder and metalworker on site. This allows us to try and repair a problem with a vehicle rather than buy new parts when possible. Our staff have many years experience and have produced some very fine work. If there is anything we can do to help with metal work, whether it be for your vehicle or something else, we will try.
We have a wide range of technology that matches almost all vehicles out there today. Therefore if your vehicle is showing any warning signs just pop in to see us and we can diagnose it then and there if a member of staff is free. If not we will endeavour to do it as soon as possible. We have recently invested in BOSCH diagnostic equipment this has ensured that we can diagnose any fault with your vehicle.
We can offer an MOT at a price of £45. This will cover the cost of the test and also give you up to 2 weeks to do a free re-test with us if your car fails the first time round. All work identified in the test can be done on site if needed and if you need a courtesy car while you have your car with us we can arrange this.
We now have a very large Spray Bake commercial spray booth on site and this new equipment allows us to complete paintwork jobs to a much higher spec and in less time. This means there is a possibility you can get your car back within the day, depending on the job. The spray booth is a very high quality booth and produces an excellent finish. Please discuss any jobs with us, as we can fit a wide range of sizes into the booth.
At Mendip Autoserve we believe that all vehicles should be repaired to a high spec and where possible repaired rather than new parts purchased. This means that we will try and get you the best price possible. While we have your car in for any range of repairs we will contact you before all decisions are made so you are never shocked with your bill. All our staff are very skilled in all types of repairs and will work hard to produce a high quality finish on your vehicle.
We can offer servicing to all types of vehicles, from cars to light goods vehicles and 4×4’s (inc extra-long wheel based vans). All servicing is carried out to manufactures specifications and can include basic intermediate servicing to full major services. During servicing we will check a high variety of factors such as; pre-engine checks, under the bonnet checks and once your vehicle is raised we will also carry out checks on the underside of your vehicle. Services do include an oil and filter change and any other necessary filter and fluid changes. If you have any other enquires regarding our servicing please just ask. Prices start at £70 (+VAT and parts) but please contact us to discuss a quote.
We do not stock a wide range of tyre sizes however we can supply them at competitive rates. Once purchased we can also fit and balance them. We have high quality technology to ensure correct fitting. We can also carry out wheel alignment to meet any manufactures requirements on any make and model of vehicle using high quality technology on site.
New Computerised Four wheel Alignment.
We have now invested in new computerised four wheel alignment to ensure your vehicle handles correctly.

Those potholes are literally everywhere and are wreaking havoc with your tires, wheels and suspension components. The scary thing is that your alignment can be out of whack without you even noticing a difference behind the wheel.

So why should you have an alignment? Here are ten reasons:

1. You have just installed or are about to install new tires                                                              Image result for hofmann ecoline 882. You notice uneven tire wear
3. Your steering wheel is off center
4. Your vehicle pulls to the left or right
5. Your vehicle drifts to the left or right
6. You have any unusual handling or vibration*
7. You’ve made contact with a curb or pothole
8. Your mechanic finds worn suspension components during routine service
9. Part of your routine seasonal service
10. You live in an area with rough roads, like gravel roads or an urban setting with streetcars

* note that wheel alignment will not cure a vibration, but it may have caused uneven tire wear that is actually causing the vibration. In this case, you may need wheel balance or even replacement of a tire/s.